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C&W, Evan Halkias 

Team PMAT – CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Congratulations to your team on the acquisition of Prairie Market!! We know this deal did not come easily, but your Team’s persistence paid off and you now have another dynamic asset in your portfolio.  We appreciate your business and THANK YOU for executing as advertised…you continue to maintain a perfect conversation rate of contract-to-close.  We look forward to doing this again!"

SITE, John Cattonar

" It's nice to see an ICSC meeting actually result in a closing, and as always, you and PMAT were a pleasure to work with.  You were the logical buyer for the asset and if anyone deserves an off-market deal for a great yield, it's you guys.  It is refreshing to work with people who say what they're going to do and then actually do what they said, so thank you."

PUBLIX, Darlene Stanfield

On behalf of our retail team, we wanted to give you a great big THANK YOU for making Columbia Promenade such a pleasant shopping center.  with the new turning lane in the center, they have seen a great increase in foot traffic and business to the store. He stated overall it just has become a better shopping center for our customers to shop at.


We enjoy our tenant relationship with PMAT as landlords. The PMAT team is responsive and flexible and always seeks fair solutions"

PROTECTIVE, Taylor Alexander

"At this point, I should not be surprised when PMAT outperforms underwriting and timing expectations! "

PEGASUS, Katherine Weaver

PMAT performed—or outperformed—on every aspect they had promised. They are one of the most thorough buyers, while simultaneously one of fastest, most efficient groups we’ve ever closed with. We would love to work with PMAT again and refer to them as ‘rockstars of real estate’ internally"


Your flawless execution of the repositioning plan blew away underwriting and grossly exceeded all expectations. We’re delighted with our returns."


"PMAT’s development of Burlington’s new prototype format was our easiest store to manage and open of during 2019."

HARBERT, Todd Jordan

We really appreciate the opportunity to work with you guys and appreciate all of the hard work that you guys put into that deal.  We can talk hours about circumstances but sometimes you’re dealt difficult circumstances, and my view is those are when you learn if you’ve got good partners or bad partners…my view is we invest in people and we just happen to buy real estate.  And I think this is a true reflection of that. "


“In our 13 joint ventures with PMAT over an 8 year period, we have realized some phenomenal returns. PMAT has under promised and outperformed on an array of investments over this period. I have

Referred to PMAT as my ‘home run guys."


MATTHEWS, Matt Wallace

"Your references assured us that PMAT was the correct choice.  The handling of the problem below strongly reinforces our decision to go with you and we look forward to closing this one and working on many more in the future."

C&W, Adam Feinstein

My understanding is that we are on track to close today.  You guys made C&W look good on this deal and I’m very appreciative. "
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