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Acquisition Thesis

The PMAT platform transacts on Select Open Air Retail (SOAR) where there is an opportunity for hands-on ownership to create value.


Our proven thesis is that macro market inefficiency creates micro market opportunity for nimble, private capital.  With this perspective, we apply a targeted acquisition platform to purchase Select Open Air Retail (SOAR) anchored primarily by strong grocery, off-price, discount, necessity and fitness tenants that are:

  • fundamentally strong assets with a basis below replacement cost occupied by

  • well-performing tenants with a good corporate story that are

  • producing solid sales and sustainable health ratios at the center while

  • paying replaceable, below market rents at

  • locations and markets that maintain strong, pent up retailer demand.

PMAT maintains a perfect track record of closing every acquisition we have put under contract since inception in 2003—a 1.000 batting average over 20 years and through an array of property level and market level challenges.   

Detailed Criteria

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